Sonica X was created thanks to the experience in music and in the world of discography gathered by Little John Guelfi and grown with CreativStudio audio and video production house.


We have multiple goals:

- To bring out the voice of the unsigned underground talents.

- To give artists the chance of producing audio in a place that is cutting edge since its planning, but where also techniques that refer to tradition are used.

- To teach music professionally, but keeping the relationship with students on a human scale.

- To offer to all serious artists an innovative and functional rehearsal place.


The X in the name refers to Straight Edge philosophy.

Little John Guelfi is active as a producer since early '90s


He has had collaboration with Alternative Tentacles Records, Black Widow Records, Nopop Records, Popolo del Blues, Horror Records, Crotalo Records and others.


He's now Label Manager and Studio Manager at Sonica X Records.


Using analog and digital, hi-end and lo-fi technologies in strict conjunction, he guarantees every production a sound that is unique and calibrated to the client's target.


The joining to Straight Edge philosophy makes him abstain from alcohol, tobacco and any drugs.